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2011 Theme and Open Art Submission

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Sep. 29th, 2010 | 11:35 pm
posted by: techiecl in momoconofficial

MomoCon 2011 now ready to take open submissions for our programming booklet, badges, and souvenir t-shirt. We will be accepting more than one piece for each item, so multiple submissions are encouraged.

General Requirements
Theme: Espionage and Super Spies (think James Bond, In Like Flint, Austin Powers, slick-spies and femme fatales)

References to past t-shirt designs (not a requirement to stick to those styles or to the Girl): http://nerdrockstar.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/momocon-2010 or

Do not place the text "Momocon 2011" on any submissions. Our internal designers will place that based on final layout of the various materials.

T-Shirt: The shirt itself will be black. No more than 5 additional colors. PSD file type or layered TIFF, with each of the 5 colors as its own layer (if possible). Colors have to be CMYK color space. 8in wide, 10 in tall at the smallest. Up to 3in more in each direction for max dimension.

Badge: 2.5 in wide, 4 in tall. 300dpi resolution in CMYK color space. High quality file types, PSD, TIFF, BMP. No jpeg or compressed files.

Program Book Art: The books are half a page, so 8.5 inch tall, 5.5 inch wide. Image needs to be half in larger in both dimensions, so 9 tall, 6 wide to allow for scaling. 300 dpi, CMYK color space. Images can be larger as long as it maintains that ratio or 3:2 (height:width), so that it may also be used for posters/banners.

Submission deadline: Jan 7thth 2011
Submit completed works or questions to: MomoCon.costumes@gmail.com with [ART] in the subject line. If files are too big for email, contact me for IM or FTP information for direct transfers.

Artists whose works are accepted will be notified by email as soon as possible after the decision is made. All chosen artists will be fully credited in the program book, website, and will receive a prize package of assorted merchandise.

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